Antalya Makina DP series of pneumatic impact vibrators A steel hardened piston excites the surface on which it   impacts on. DP pneumatic vibrators can be installed in any position and their primary aim is to cause the vibration of the structure to which they are fastened, to facilitate the movement of the material carried.

Working Principle

DURABLE - one-piece, ductile iron housing and spring-less design ensure long effective life.

SAFE - use of exhaust muffler reduces noise levels while compressed air power allows for operation in hazardous areas.

VERSATILE - dual diameter piston allow for mounting at any angle on your bins, chutes and hoppers handling.

APPLICATION  : Hopper silo - salt spreader - dump trailer - rail cart etc.,

WORKING PRESSURE : From 2 bar to 6 bar (from 29 psi to 87 psi). Lubricated and filtered air is required.

WORKING TEMPERATURE  : From -20°C to 200°C (from -4°F to 392°F)

DUTY CYCLE  : Continuous     


Technical Specifications