The pneumatic linear vibrators of the series PL are especially suitable for conveying, emptying and compacting bulk material, due to the completely linear vibration. They are used to empty bins and as drives for conveyor and dosing troughs.

The vibration (sinusoidal oscillation) is produced by a freely vibrating, self-reversing piston. This oscillation supports, expedites or enables a variety of applications. PL linear vibrators start and stop without delay in any installed position.

Working Principle


- Linear vibration

- Resistant against aggressive environmental conditions.

- Frequency and amplitude are adjustable  separately.


- Especially suitable for conveying, compacting and loosening bulk material, sorting products and separating.

- Drives for conveyor and dosing throughs

- To empty bins

Technical Specifications

WORKING PRESSURE : From 2 bar to 6 bar (from 29 psi to 87 psi). Lubricated and filtered air is required.