It is used for wall refractory ramming operation of coreless induction furnaces. It is the most suitable wall refractory ramming machine type for larger capacity furnaces. Furnaces, which have different capacities , can be rammed by only one machine with adjustable working diameter. Spring – loaded mechanism allows to ram conic formers. 5 piston systems are preferred for 12 tons and larger capacity furnaces.

Working Principle

· The base upon completion of the compression process, the coil into the template is centered yerişleştiril firmly into play. 

· The piston sleeve can be adjusted to have the structure of the operator by selecting the appropriate length of the machine settings. 

· Refractory materials are filled to the uppermost surface of the template. 

· Machine conditioner given to you by our company (lubricant) or is connected. 

· Machine hanged on cranes pulled steel pins holding the piston is lowered into the template. 

· Compression process will start from the bottom floor a few cm to remain suspended in the air and the air flow in the machine appears. 

· No start with 4 bars and the pressure is raised to 6 bar. 

· Operators air flow machine observations began. Machine will begin to rotate about its axis. Of the piston sleeve if the rotation operation is weak one stage must be increased outward. In the opposite situation recalls should be applied. 

· Edge compression process through the removal of the machine up to a 10 cm interval is continued. 

· Determination of the refractory period of compaction properties of refractory materials and conditions of use will vary according to the recommendation of refrakterc this time is determined by the operator. 

· Edge Compression Machine refractory on the upper surface of the template 10 to 20 cm thick is stopped. Remaining compression process is performed by the method of the former method, fogging. 

Note: The information given herein is situated in the user guide more.


·  Comapcts refractory material with equal density.

·  Remove risks .such as cracks and gas pockets on refractory.

·  Completes ramming operation in a very short time.

·  Extends life of refractory.

·  More melting done with the time saving.

·  Manpower used more efficent and economic.

Technical Specifications